This page contains answers to questions submitted by our visitors and users via the Contact Us form on the CustomTrailerSource website. The questions and answers are organized by topic of interest and are updated on a regular basis, as we collect new questions.  We realize visitors and users WILL have questions, and as a business, we must provide easy to find answers to questions.  Our goal is to provide a safe, easy, helpful and informative website for everyone………..and to make you happy.

Q:  Can I have several ad listings of the same ad?

A:   No, only one ad for the same trailer.  But feel free to include you ad in up to 3 different categories for search purposes.

Q:  When filling out my ad information, when I enter the price it does not show up on the ad once posted.

A:  Do not use a $ or comma (,) in the price box.  Just put the numbers for the price.   Example:  Selling your trailer for  $18,995……….put in the box 18995

Q: How do set the main ad photo for my ad?

A. Once you have uploaded all your pictures into the ad, there is a empty circle below each picture. Click the desired circle and it will turn blackto designate the main photo for the ad listing.